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The World Shotokan Karate-Do Federation India was formed under guidance of The Chief Instructor of WSKF, INDIA, Sensei Sattrajit Chaudhury, a former National Champion and a Bronze Medalist in Kata and Kumite in the 2004 World Championship, is having experience of four decades in different facets of Karate. He started his training of Shotokan Karate in early seventies under Sensei Anil Sinha, who first introduced Shotokan Karate in India. WSKFI is the fastest growing Karate Organization in India.


The World Shotokan Karate Do-Federation India is a member of World Traditional Karate Organisation (W.T.K.O)



The main objective of WSKFI is to create a consolidated movement for popularizing the true form of Shotokan Karate in India, where many instructors are teaching one or other form of karate and most of them in a diluted version. WSKFI is creating an awareness among these karate practitioners, so that, they can come in the main stream of authentic Shotokan karate. WSKFI also aims to raise the karate standard of Indian Karatekas to the International level so that in future they can bring laurels for the country. The steps towards achieving these goals are:

1. To organise Training Camps under reputed instructors from other countries also
2. Exposure in International Championship in India and abroad.

As a first step towards achieving the objectives, the organization invites reputed International Instructors every year for advance training camp for the members of the federation so that they get authentic International Karate exposure. Members of WSKFI regularly take part in International Karate Championship / Seminars in different countries.

WSKFI has got training centers in 22 states of India and is a recognized organization by KARATE ASSOCIATION OF INDIA(KAI), which is the only karate organization recognized by GOVERNMENT OF INDIA, MINISTRY OF YOUTH AFFAIRS AND SPORTS.


Sensei Sattrajit Chowdhury receiving 3rd Place award (Bronze Medal) in WSKF World Championship (above 40 years event) in Kumite


Sensei Sattrajit Chowdhury receiving Bronze medal in Kata in WSKF world championship

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